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What's New

May 2017 - Renew agreement for 5 years with Playland park in Vancouver.

October 2016 - 2016 Calaway park Employee Scholarship Program.

April 2016 - To counter the arrival (venue?) of mobile phones that take pictures of our monitors and steal photos of customers, we will be introducing a new product, The ALL-DAY-PHOTO. This bracelet entitles you to all your digital photos on the rides that you have been on. The photos can be retrieved from our website. http://www.3dbsolution.com/Find_A_Picture.php Example enter 1610001

December 2015 - Renew agreement with Playland park in Vancouver.

Juin 2015 - New Joint-Venture with PeurDépôt.

August 2014 - DNP Photo Printers Help 3db Solution Provide Instant Amusement Park Souvenirs

February 2014 - Renew agreement with Calaway park for 5 years.

February 2014 - 3db solution on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow Us

October 2013 - Watch Peur Dépôt Video online on GlobalNew.ca

October 2013 - New Joint-Venture with PeurDépôt.

Peur DepotPeur Depot

June 2013 - NEW Product: Haunted House photo system

Fright NightFright Night

May 2013 - Adding QRcode on the Action Photo Software

Qrcode Photo Sample

April 2013 - Renew agreement with Playland park in Vancouver.

Summer 2012 - Adding a New Action Photo System on the Vortex coaster in Calaway park.

Summer 2012 - New Joint-Venture with Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City NJ.

December 2011 - Adding an Email Photo Kiosk on the Spaceshot ride in West Edmonton Mall.

November 2011 - Updating the Sea Lions Photo System in West Edmonton Mall.

February 2010 - Installing an Event Photo System a the West Edmonton Mall.

November 2010 - Updating 2 Action Photo System in West Edmonton Mall on the Autosled and Spaceshot ride.

Summer 2009 - Installing a New Action photo system at Calaway park in Calgary

April 2009 - 3db Solution sponsoring the upcoming CAZA Conference in West Edmonton Mall.

September 2008 - Prosilica Cameras Capture the Thrill of Roller Coaster Rides