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Email Photo Kiosk

PartyPrinter New Kiosk ThumbnailThe advent of the Internet offers several new possibilities. The new Email Ride Photo Kiosk is a multi-media interactive kiosk. It connects to the Ride Photo System and makes it possible to send the customers' Ride Photo to any Email address. The system is automated, it does not require an employee.

When exiting the ride, the customer sees his Ride Photo on the television screens. With the assistance of a touch screen the customer selects his photo, introduces the money and fills in the requested information. It is possible to send the photo to three different recipients. The customer does not need to own an Email address; he/she can simply send the photo to friend. On the other hand, the photo will be emailed to the customer if he/she cannot provide an Email address for the recipient. In this case the customer must supply his own Email address.

A receipt is then printed with an identifying code and the address of our Web site. A copy of the photograph along with pertinent details is encrypted and sent to our web site. Using his identification code, the customer can go and look at his ride photo on the site where it will remain for 30 days. All Ride Photo Emails can be customized to carry an advertisement for the amusement park, or any other information.